Stone Roses reunion rumors…again

Last Friday there were rumors swirling around that The Stone Roses might re-form and play some gigs.

I don’t really play the “will they/won’t they” game too much. If they do, they do, if they don’t, they don’t. These rumors pop up every year or so, and they never amount to anything.
I also don’t know that I ever really had an opportunity to see the Stone Roses live, like I have with other classic bands from the early 90’s – save Ride, I suppose. I saw Pixies on one of their reunion tours, and saw Oasis, blur, Pulp, and Teenage Fanclub back in The Day.

But I’ll tell you this – If they do, and I have even an outside chance of getting to see the Stone Roses live, I’ll be in line with the rest of the geezers to plunk down my cash because, for my money, John Squire is one of the best guitarists & artists of my or any other generation.

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