Bands that are following me on Twitter

Sorry, no ThURGHsday again this week, hoping that situation resolves itself soon. I’m doing what I can. 🙂

So, I write about music on my blog (duh), but I also have a Twitter account, a account where you can see what I’m listening to all the time – probably some other accounts somewhere, but I can’t think where right now.

Anyway, bands follow me on Twitter, and I’ve started marking when those follow e-mails come in so I can go back and listen to them. Today is the day when I listen and start writing about them!

* * *

First up is the latest band to follow me, the Treading Lemmings. Kind of a cute name, maybe a little too clever, but what the hell do I know? I would have said “Pixies” was a crap band name if you’d asked. 🙂

The first song I listened to on their site was “Prostitution With A Twist”. On their web page they say they’re “American Brit-pop” but that song didn’t seem to fit that bill for me. However, the next song “All She Wrote”, does sound a bit like Pulp in the vocals & music. Good melody. I like it.

Song 3 – “All At Sea” – Definitely not American Brit-pop. I know Brit-pop good sir, and you are not it. Neither is song 4 “Tempest in a Trousseau”, which sounds more like Men At Work than anything.

My advice? Lose the “American Brit Pop” tag. The songs are decent enough without trying to tie into a movement that didn’t have a specific sound per se, but I associate the songs with good old fashioned power pop, like Badfinger, Rick Springfield, Material Issue, Fountains of Wayne. Stuff like that. Check out “Comeuppance”, you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

Treading Lemmings hails from Maryland, so look for them if you’re in that area!

* * *

Next band is Deadsleep. The first song, “Chant” is definitely metal, kind of screamo sounding stuff which I’ll admit I’m probably not the best judge of. The description on the bandcamp page says he’s playing (programming?) all of the instruments & singing and it sounds pretty good. Talented metal guitar. The vocal melodies are pretty good, too.

Moving on to the second song, “Again“, he’s definitely passionate about what he’s singing about, I’ll give him that. I’m not being snide or snarky, it’s pretty good. Kind of sounds Layne Staley in parts, which is a plus for me, I really like Alice In Chains.

Probably the best song to my ears is song 3, “To Your Soul“. I would definitely keep an eye/ear out for this guy. Deadsleep, from Long Island. Check it out.

* * *

Last band for tonight is Tommy Marz Band from Detroit, Michigan. (Is there another Detroit I should be aware of? It just feels natural to say “Detroit, Michigan” and not just “Detroit”.) “Destiny” kind of sounds like a nasal Kid Rock laid-back track. Not great, but not, you know, *horrible* or anything.

Second track is “Only Human” and has a cheesy programmed drum track. Eh. Sorry, Tommy. Not my thing. But you keep on, man. If you dig it, that’s all that matters. Seriously. Good luck.

* * *

Ok, I’ll try to do this from time to time, as long as bands keep following me on twitter. Hopefully they don’t get mad if I don’t like their music, but – you spins the wheel, you takes your chances.

8 thoughts on “Bands that are following me on Twitter

  1. I appreciate your assessment of Deadsleep. I consider them to be nearly as talented as Atreyu in their particular category.


  2. Well, you can probably guess that I'm not familiar with Atreyu. I can definitely hear a similarity, though. It seemed like some of the Deadsleep songs were going for a bit of sonic choppery, in that I could hear the edits and sound effects being dropped in. I don't mind that, it definitely set it apart from other bands.Thanks for commenting!


  3. Hey Sam,Thanks for the thoughtful review of some of our songs. Its always difficult to try to be self-objective. So, we will take your classification of "Good old fashioned power-pop" and wear that moniker proudly.AndjThe Treading Lemmings


  4. Thanks for taking my comments in the sprit they were suggested, Andj. I do like the tunes, and I have a question – are the ones on iTunes a different recording/mix than the ones in the player on your site? They sound different, but I can't tell if the ones in the player are demos vs. finished product on iTunes, or just lower quality audio or…?


  5. Same recordings, Sam…Must be something dodgy about ReverbNation…Dunno? Quinn, here – I feel compelled to chime in on several fronts as; I came up with the name. I recently starting feeling it might be a bit too cute and it's DEFINITELY too clever! I've discovered over the last few years that only about 30-40% of the population know what a lemming is…(so forget why five treading ones would be significant)I also came up with "American Brit-Pop". Yes, it' utterly preposterous even if you sound like Blur. The reason for it was, we were playing cover gigs to finance the studio. Most of the songs we played were from the 80's but we couldn't call ourselves an "80's band". THOSE guys play; Journey, Madonna, Pat Benatar, Human League & The B52's, et al. We couldn't risk the false advertising, having all those soccer moms come out while we were playing; The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Big Country, The Jam, XTC….We had to create a term to describe ourselves – It was meant to be clever(see band name) We'll come up with something else for our next release (a 4 song ep called "Flotsam") Maybe "Post-Power Pop"? Either way, thanks for the kind things you had to say – It DOES seem you liked what you heard…That's cool!Keep Treading!Quinn


  6. Hi Quinn! Thanks for reading as well! The name makes perfect sense to me, and I kind of like the idea of the lemmings, instead of jumping to their death as is the normal meaning, just treading water & surviving. 🙂 And your reasoning for the "American Brit-Pop" tag makes sense, too, for the covers you were playing. Context is key! :)I kind of like "Post-Power Pop", actually. Takes the "post" moniker and adds a new twist, and it is descriptive of the music! Hopefully I'll be able to buy the record off iTunes soon. I'd like to, for sure.Good luck & keep cranking out the tunes!


  7. Oh, there was another reason I wanted to contact you. Seems you're a bit of a Smithy, no? My byline on FB reads "There are only two Morrisseys and I'm one of them". I had a Smiths/Morrissey tribute for a couple of years (we even filled in for Moz 07/03/07 in Baltimore) and we are doing a reunion show in January after 3.5 years. I just played a couple of shows with an old friend in Madison Wisconsin. They flew me out for a special Halloween do they have every year Madison show was such a success, we are planning a 4 city midwest tour at the end of April


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