Juicy Tapes Vol. 1 – Mellow Damn Tape

So, my sister got me these great cassette tape glasses as a gift, and they came with a grease pencil to write the name of the mix. This morning, I wrote down the name of one of my mix tapes from when I was a young lad and it occurred to me that I have enough mixes to make it an occasional feature here on the ol’ blog. The name “juicy tapes” derives from the liquid in the glass. So here it is.
The Story Behind The Mix: 

I went to visit my cousins a couple of times in the mid-80’s down in Long Beach, MS. They had a funny way with naming things – they called a local bar “church,” as in “let’s go to church after this”. And I’m pretty sure someone had a mixtape named “Mellow Damn Tape”. I loved it, and I lived in Colorado (far away from Mississippi), so I ripped the name off for one of my own mixes.

The mix as it stands isn’t all that mellow – I could have (and have, I think) done much better. But it’s certainly a snapshot in time, somewhere in 1985, I’d guess. Original J-card below.

So, enjoy this mix, collated for your 2014 listening pleasure on Spotify. (For some reason in the Spotify web player, it’s starting with Everything Counts. Go to the app to see & play the whole thing.)

4 thoughts on “Juicy Tapes Vol. 1 – Mellow Damn Tape

  1. Thanks, Josh! Glad you liked it. 🙂 It's definitely of a period – many of my mixtapes are like that, I think, probably because I was putting on new music that I was excited about. Even mixes that include older songs, I can still tell probably to the year when I made them. I don't think I made any "old time" mixes with only older songs.Stay tuned for more Juicy Mixes! 🙂


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