– Mobile Festival Planning Made Easy

A new venture by some friends of mine here in Denver has launched recently and it could change the way we plan & attend music festivals. They’ve set up a sweetly simple mobile site called and it gives you 3 views to choose from:

Alphabetized band list:

Numbers before letters

What bands are playing by time of day:

Bands playing at noon

What bands are playing by stage/venue:

Bands playing at 100% de Agave

If you click the sort choice (Band, Time, Stage) it reverse sorts. AWESOME.

As you can see, it also connects to Twitter to allow for easy tweeting where you’re at & what your plans are!

They’ve only put in local festivals for the moment, but I’m curious to see if they’ll add other major festivals soon.

Aimee Giese of Greeblehaus & Giese Media has more info about the history of on her blog, including a discount code to get $10 off tickets to the Westword Music Showcase happening this Saturday the 21st in Denver’s Golden Triangle! Go buy tickets, try out at the WMS, and send them your feedback on Aimee’s blog or to her e-mail listed on the about page. Let’s all help to make way awesome so we have a kickass scheduling app for festivals!

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