Juicy Tapes Vol. 3 – Driving Tape I

Driving Tape I

Interesting date on this tape, seeing as how I didn’t turn 16 for a few more months. I was either eager to turn 16 & get my driver’s license, or I wanted music for driving around with my permit. I do recall listening to it plenty after I got my license.

Lots of great songs here, pretty classic mid-80’s New Wave (Cure, Smiths, New Order, Yaz), some good surf tunes & ska as well. And I had received a cassette of Simple MindsNew Gold Dream (81*82*83*84) from my uncle who worked in record promotions and it somehow became a favorite of mine from that era. The bassline in “Glittering Prize“, tho.

The A side isn’t much for segues, but the B side is much better constructed and has some good flow.

Two songs stick out for me on this mix. The Phantom Limbs track “Wedding Ring” (last song on the mix) is a song I heard from my friend Pete. He had an older brother who lived in Arizona and turned Pete on to lots of good music (and me as well). This was an Arizona band that had a jangly guitar sound, kind of R.E.M.-like, or Let’s Active. Phantom Limbs have a few records, but I only really know the one, Romance. Great songs with clever words. Bill Walsh wrote a page over on his site The Slot (A Spot For Copy Editors) with more background on the band.

The other song is “A Bit Of Pain Never Hurts” by an Australian band that was called the Rads in the US but The Radiators back home. I guess they shortened the name so as not to conflict with the New Orleans-based US band The Radiators. Totally different sound. “The Rads” also capitalized on the slang of the era, and gave it a more west-coast feel, as the sound on their album Life’s A Gamble was fairly upbeat & sunny. (I found this review & history of the record on the What Frank Is Listening To blog). Really liked this band, my friend Ted had bought their tape while he was on vacation, I think. Some of their music still isn’t easily available in the US, and I haven’t been able to get ahold of this album from my Aussie friends, even though they’ve been around forever.

Oh, and “Rise” by Public Image Ltd. is still one of my favorite songs ever. Love that record of theirs, loved the “generic” look & names – Album, Cassette, Compact Disc. Perfect. 🙂

Here’s the playlists: Spotify / Rdio


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