Little-known Lyrics

There are certain lyricists in popular music that are held as masters of the craft. Cole Porter, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Fred Durst – okay, kidding about that last one.

Some of my favorite lyrics come from bands that *I* love, but I don’t know if others feel the same way about the lyric that I do.
For instance, my most recent example is from a band I’ve had the good fortune to meet and see perform in the past couple of weeks, Teacup Gorilla. There’s a couplet from their song “I’m Not Ready To Go Yet“:
“And now, each night, I count the stars.

And each night, I get the same number.”

Photo Credit: NASA

I don’t know what it means, specifically, but there’s something about the vastness and simple beauty of the image that it brings up in my mind that makes me feel sad and hopeful at the same time. A kind of longing. (I was just informed by Eric Suzanne, the bass player for Teacup Gorilla, that those lines are actually from a poem called “Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note” by Amiri Baraka, and that they may change. I still like them and how they sit in the song.)
Another one of my favorite lines is from the song “Forget Me” by The Promise Ring. Their early lyrics are vague enough, almost like word association. One couplet from this song gets me though:
“Between one June and September/You’re all I remember”
I don’t quite understand the rest of the song, but I feel like we’ve all had someone that we remember from a summer fling. (Or a winter fling, if you’re listening to this song south of the equator) June-September being the traditional months for summer break in the U.S.A., it just brings to mind that feeling of being wrapped up in a romance. 
Between one june and september
Those are just a couple of examples. I’m sure I could go on for hours. 🙂 What are some of your favorite little-known lyrics?
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One thought on “Little-known Lyrics

  1. Just heard another cool one: "Laughin' ain't a pleasure ti' you know about cryin'…Ain't it funny how a little thunder/can make a man start to wonder/should he swim, or just go under." That's from the Andrew Combs song "Rainy Day Song" off his album All These Dreams. Good stuff.


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