Kotorino at Syntax Physic Opera

One of the benefits of writing about music is that there are a lot of people who want you to listen to their bands. They reach out and tell you a bit about the music and why they’re contacting you – they’ve got a new release, they’re coming through town, etc.

Some bands aren’t great, but they’re trying. They’re playing. They have something inside that wants to get out, and to me, that’s cool. Some bands are good, but sometimes don’t hit me in the right spot. Whether I’m just not in the mood to hear what they’ve got, or it’s not my thing overall, I’ll take a pass.

Then there are bands like Kotorino that get my attention at just the right time.

Kotorino at Syntax Physic Opera

I like Kotorino’s music – kind of an art-y, jazzy vibe. The type of music that they create is best experienced in a live setting, and especially at a club like Syntax Physic Opera in Denver.

Kotorino came through town in late January/early February to play a few dates, and I was contacted by Jeff Morris, one of the singers of and guitar player for the band, to see if I wanted to check out one of their shows. It turned out that I was going to be in town the night of their Feb. 2nd show anyway, so I stopped by just in time to see their last two songs. I’m so glad I made it there, because the band is definitely in their element in a unique, harmonious space such as Syntax.

Kotorino at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver, CO

My friend Terry and I stayed around and chatted with the band for a couple of hours afterward. They’re all very friendly and had interesting stories to tell about the other shows they played in Denver that trip. We also talked with Jeff and the other main singer Ellia Bisker about their additional music project of “murder ballads and love songs”, Charming Disaster, and Ellia’s solo work as Sweet Soubrette. These are some talented and crazy creative people, folks.

I had a ways to drive home and Terry needed to have a bite to take the edge off the excellent cocktails from the Syntax, so we parted ways with the band and each other and went our separate ways.

Inspired by our night with the band, however, Terry and I got to talking and have worked with the folks at Ignite Denver to bring the band back for Ignite Denver 20 on Thursday, June 11th at the Oriental Theater.

As of this writing, the band is still looking for other gigs that weekend, feel free to contact them if you’d like them to play your event/gallery/house party/wedding/etc! Jeff and Ellia as Charming Disaster have a couple of dates lined up in early May in Vermont & Massachusetts, so catch those shows if you can.

Here’s their music on the Spotify streaming service:

Viva Kotorino!

One thought on “Kotorino at Syntax Physic Opera

  1. Some bands aren't great, and some are. Kotorino is love at first sight (and hearing) and doesn't disappoint on any dates to follow! Even if you are dead tired at the end of the week, as I was, the first time I saw them live, they will bring you back to life and make you want to come back for more. If you haven't seen or heard these guys, you're missing out on a musical treat seldom savored.


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