ThURGHsday #12 – Athletico Spizz 80

I’m sorry, what? Athwhoica whazza wha?

Spizzenergi was formed in the late 70’s in England and changed the name of the band every year – hence “Athletico Spizz 80.” (Also known as Spizzles, Spizzology, Spizzoil, etc.)

The track featured here,”Where’s Captain Kirk?,” had a bit of a novelty feel to it, as Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out in 1979 around the same time as the song was released. The rest of the Spizz output was more avant postpunk, but this song has a new wave/skinny tie sound & energy to it. I love their pizzazz onstage, though – that’s Spizz on vocals. They look like a bunch of kids having fun. As it should be. Silly string onstage in 1980, don’t know that I’ve seen that anywhere else. Good placement of the song and spirit in the movie, grounding things after the Klaus Nomi song.

Where URGH they now?

Amazingly, Spizzenergi put out a single in September 2014! “City of Eyes” is catchy, sounds a bit Buzzcockian, but that’s a good thing. I dig it. Check it out:

Based on that song, I think the Spizzybuzzy boys should put out more music. Not often you say that about a near-40 year old band.

They’re also playing a lot in the UK, so if you’re in that area, catch a Spizz show. Judging by the vids on their FB page, it’s still a good time.


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