Album Listening Club – Every Kingdom

…And we’re back! The last album that the club chose was Ben Howard‘s Mercury-prize nominated debut Every Kingdom, released in September 2011.

The music is very solitary, to my ears. He reminds me of other solo acoustic artists that play with effects, like Kim ChurchillGarrin Benfield, Julie Collings, and Howie Day. Before this album was chosen by the listening club, I had pretty much no knowledge of Ben, and whatever musical circles he travels in are still below/outside my radar.

So, let’s get to it and talk about Every Kingdom. What say ye, Clubbers?

2 thoughts on “Album Listening Club – Every Kingdom

  1. I really enjoyed this album. Somewhere near Alexi Murdoch, Blind Pilot, Iron & Wine, and Passenger though some of it seems more… produced? A little removed from the typical singer/songwriter genre, but that is not a bad thing, just a range.Old Pine – a excellent guitar, a very rich imagery and a great cadence.The Wolves – I don't know how I feel about this one. The Fear – An oddly upbeat-seeming song for the topic, but a great listen.Does anyone else get a hint of Solsbury Hill underneath the beginning of this? Black Flies – brooding with a little electric edge.Overall, it's great listening. I've listened through a few times and had it on in the background while working. It's certainly an addition to my "regular rotation."


  2. I agree with Sam (and not just because he's named Sam 😉 – I like the record, even if it's not something I'd put on every day. The rhythms of "Only Love" are engaging, and "Keep Your Head Up" is a nice slice of upbeat positivity. It reminds me of a guy I went to high school with who now lives in Australia and is very much this positive sort of person. "Old Pine" is an interesting album opener, how it transitions from the intro into the main part of the tune, the nimble guitar taking over.I can hear what Sam's talking about with the hint of "Solsbury Hill" in "The Fear," but I'm not sure I would have heard it without his prompting. "The Wolves" reminds me of those "hey ho" folkie songs and I don't much care for that.But the record is ok. Again, nothing I'm going to put on regularly, but I wouldn't turn it off, either. How's that for wishy-washy? 😀


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