Twenty One Pilots for Youth On Record

On Friday, December 11th, band-of-the-moment Twenty One Pilots played the Gothic Theater in Denver as a fundraiser for Youth On Record, a local nonprofit organization that helps provide music instruction and guidance for at-risk students. The band visited the organization earlier in the day at the Youth Media Studio and met with some of the students

Northern Colorado’s Pandas & People opened the show with their full touring band instead of just the duo of Joshua Scheer & Johnny Day.

Pandas & People – Johnny Day

There was definitely a feel-good vibe to their music, and they helped give the fundraiser a hometown touch.

The crowd was there to see Twenty One Pilots, though, and the band was ready to put on a show.

Twenty One Pilots – Tyler Joseph

The band, founded in 2009 with a couple of other members, now consists of multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. They were playing a lot of songs off their newest album, Blurryface.

Twenty One Pilots – Josh Dun (pre-backflip) and Tyler Joseph

Twenty One Pilots – Josh Dun (mid-backflip) and Tyler Joseph

The music appeals to people of all ages – I had a friend my age asking for tickets on Facebook, and while I was camped out in the balcony, the family of this little guy took up the open seats next to me:

The littlest Twenty One Pilots fan!

I asked them if I could take his picture for this article and the consented. They told me about how he knows all of their songs including the lyrics. Something tells me this kid will turn out all right.

Twenty One Pilots – Tyler Joseph

The band’s dynamic show had Josh playing a drum kit on a platform that was held up & supported by the people in the audience. Tyler disappeared partway through the song “Car Radio” (from the album Vessel) only to emerge, standing on the drink rail on one of the sides of the balcony.

The crowd was going absolutely nuts. People love this band, and it’s easy to see why, based on the songs and stage show.

Twenty One Pilots – Tyler Joseph

Twenty One Pilots sold out Red Rocks Amphitheater this past September, and have already sold out the first night of a two date run this coming July. Definitely a band of the moment.

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