Your Older Brother’s Podcast

Hello siblings! Today I’m announcing the debut of Your Older Brother’s Podcast – because the world needs another podcast! 😄 We have a few ready to release and I have some more people lined up to talk music.

For the first episode, my friend Scott Riggs and I talked in spring 2018. We almost started the podcast a couple of times before then, but this was our final “let’s get this done” push.

I initially had the idea to walk through RIDE‘s catalog, from their initial EPs to their last album (at the time), Tarantula. I was going to call the podcast “Ride With Me,” and we’d talk about a band’s full catalogue (the “ride” being a nod to the band). Then RIDE got back together and started releasing more albums, and my idea for the podcast spread out more, because I wasn’t sure people would be that interested in a dive quite that deep.

So, we decided to talk about favorite albums as chosen by either me or a guest, and we started with RIDE’s Nowhere.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve put together, and I’ll let you know about the new episodes as we release them! Let me know in the comments if you have an album you’d like to hear a chat about, or if you’d like to be on the podcast and discuss YOUR favorite album.

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