About My Older Brother

The irony of the name of my site is that I don’t actually have an older brother. The name plays off the idea of your older brother who is in high school or college and been around a little, and who introduces their younger siblings to cool new music. Whether through direct excitement: “You gotta […]

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Lou Reed II

(I wrote about Lou Reed yesterday, but today I realized I had more to say.) Most people who are into music – well, rock music anyway – feel one way or another about Lou Reed. I don’t hear too many people say they don’t like him, but I’m sure there are many. His music & […]

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Lou Reed

In honor of Lou Reed‘s death today, I’ve wiped my iPod of all “easy” music and am loading it with music that has always challenged me, which includes The Velvet Underground, bop jazz (Charlie Parker, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, etc), early Echo & the Bunnymen, Foals, Joy Division, Gang of Four, early Pixies, Jesus and […]

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2011 Year End Music Wrap Up

Here it is the 2nd of January 2012 and I’m just now posting my year-end music list. It’s because I’m super persnickety about not posting a year-end list until the year is over. How do I know I’m not going to find something in the last few weeks that’s going to captivate me? So don’t […]

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