ThURGHsday! #13 – The Go-Go’s

Once again we return to a superstar band that wasn’t a superstar band when this was filmed in 1980. (Content warning: crowdsurfing woman getting her shirt tugged at) The Go-Go’s debut Beauty and the Beat was released in early July of 1981 and was RIAA certified double platinum the following year. They were already gaining […]

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About My Older Brother

The irony of the name of my site is that I don’t actually have an older brother. The name plays off the idea of your older brother who is in high school or college and been around a little, and who introduces their younger siblings to cool new music. Whether through direct excitement: “You gotta […]

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Where URGH! They Now – Steve Bartek from Oingo Boingo Speaks!

So excited to have Steve Bartek – legendary Oingo Boingo, guitarist, film composer, orchestrator  and conductor – as the first official respondent to Your Older Brother’s questions about URGH! A Music War. I asked these questions of Steve on his official website in the forum area and he replied at 5am one late/early May morning. My […]

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Today is ThURGHsday!

Every Thursday, I’m going to write a post about a band from the movie URGH! A Music War. One band per week, in order of appearance, discussing the song and what it meant to me in the context of the movie, and what it means to me now. URGH! is, in my opinion, one of […]

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