Festival Of My Dreams

I’ve been lamenting the lack of compelling festival lineups this year, and instead of whining about what I’m not seeing, I thought I’d compose a list of what I would like to see at a music festival – preferably my own. (No, really, I’m hoping to put on a music festival here in my home […]

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Juicy Tapes Vol. 2 – MARATHON

The Story Behind The Mix: I worked at a Macintosh computer retail store in the mid-90’s and the other employees and I played a first-person shooting game called Marathon. I had played a lot of videogames from Pong through Atari 2600, games on my Apple ][ (Karateka & Ultima II were favorites), and some NES. […]

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Top Ten

My friend Jen tagged me with this on Facebook – “List the top ten albums that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t overthink or worry about them being “right” – just ones that touched you” It says to tag 10 people more, but I don’t like saddling people with a task or chore. […]

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Riot Fest Denver – Day 1

I attended both days of Riot Fest here in Denver – or “Riot Fest Almost Kansas” as I like to joke, because it took place at May Farms in Byers, which is an hour east outside of Denver and 2 hours west from the Kansas border. Riot Fest ahoy! I was especially looking forward to this for […]

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