Samblage – A Decade in Review

I’ve done year-end reviews before, but not a full decade retrospective. I was talking with my friend Geoff, who used to compile what he called ASSEMBLAGE, a yearly compendium of his 100 top songs of the year. He’d send out a zip file with all the songs, and an iTunes formatting file to make sure […]

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Give Me Sabroso or Give Me Tacos!

Another great year at the Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Sabroso Festival! I got there early and chatted with my cousin & her fiancée. They had just finished eating tacos while the beer tents were in full swing. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a punk rock show! First up was Denver’s own Dendrites, kicking […]

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ThURGHsday! #14 – Dead Kennedys

As with many of the bands in URGH!, this was the first I knew or saw of Dead Kennedys. I didn’t know they were punk rock. They just seemed weird. Well, Jello did, anyway. The bass player and guitarist simply seemed geeky. Jello’s intro monologue for the song “Bleed For Me” didn’t make a whole […]

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Riding SideSaddle* with Teacup Gorilla, Jen Korte, and Open to the Hound

Teacup Gorilla embarks on a midwest tour starting August 2nd 2015 in Wichita, KS. Catch them if you can!——————–“Better late than never” is a saying that is appropriate for how late this show review is being posted, but it’s especially apt when it applies to writing about a compelling band with great tunes. Riding Sidesaddle* […]

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What’s In A Name?

Where to start this funny story? I guess I’ll just tell it. I have a Google alert set up for the words “Your Older Brother’s Music Blog” – it tells me when there’s a new post on the Internet with those words in it. Usually, it’s telling me about my own blog. The other day, […]

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