Riding SideSaddle* with Teacup Gorilla, Jen Korte, and Open to the Hound

Teacup Gorilla embarks on a midwest tour starting August 2nd 2015 in Wichita, KS. Catch them if you can!——————–“Better late than never” is a saying that is appropriate for how late this show review is being posted, but it’s especially apt when it applies to writing about a compelling band with great tunes. Riding Sidesaddle* […]

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Album Listening Club – Goo

In the early 90’s, as punk rock made its way into the American mainstream, Sonic Youth was about as punk as you could get. This was before Nevermind, before Dookie. This is Raymond Pettibon drawings and guest vocals by Public Enemy’s Chuck D. This is Goo. But Sonic Youth isn’t “punk” in the loud-fast Ramones/Pistols/Exploited […]

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Album Listening Club – Express

I don’t know that I had heard much Bauhaus other than “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” when I started hearing Love and Rockets, but I had heard the in-between band Tones on Tail out at dance clubs. Love And Rockets – Ball Of Confusion single J-Card I’m glad I didn’t have any associations with Bauhaus, because I […]

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Festival Of My Dreams

I’ve been lamenting the lack of compelling festival lineups this year, and instead of whining about what I’m not seeing, I thought I’d compose a list of what I would like to see at a music festival – preferably my own. (No, really, I’m hoping to put on a music festival here in my home […]

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Kotorino at Syntax Physic Opera

One of the benefits of writing about music is that there are a lot of people who want you to listen to their bands. They reach out and tell you a bit about the music and why they’re contacting you – they’ve got a new release, they’re coming through town, etc. Some bands aren’t great, […]

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Little-known Lyrics

There are certain lyricists in popular music that are held as masters of the craft. Cole Porter, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Fred Durst – okay, kidding about that last one. Some of my favorite lyrics come from bands that *I* love, but I don’t know if others feel the same way about the lyric that […]

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Finding “Home”

If you’re a music fan, you’ve had it happen to you – you remember a bit of a song, a far-off recollection, and it drives you NUTS for days/weeks/months until you figure it out or give up. This is one such story, with a happy ending. My friend Laura, who writes the Lyrique Discorde blog, […]

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