YOBCast Episode 001: RIDE – Nowhere

Welcome to the show notes for Episode 1 of Your Older Brother’s Podcast! I’m not sure how these will evolve over time, but here goes.

I’ve included some links to the bands mentioned in the podcast (perhaps not all of them), and some articles where they help expand on the ideas we were talking about. At the end of the notes I’ve put the times where each song starts.

Thanks for listening!

This episode’s co-host is Scott Riggs. He gives a little background in the podcast, but he’s a little modest. 😊 Scott has been creating and innovating in streaming media and podcasting for more than 20 years. He is currently consulting companies on podcast strategy and development. Before that, he was the Chief Content Officer at Curio, the Head of Podcasts at Pandora (where he co-created and was executive producer for the Questlove Supreme podcast), and Head of Content/Product at Slacker Radio. Scott has been my sounding board for creating the podcast and any flaws you hear, he’s already advised me to fix them. 😄 Love you, Scott. Thanks for the help!

One other thing to mention: RIDE is playing a streaming internet show from London on August 6th, 2020, with donations going to The Stephen Lawrence Trust. The concert will be streamed live and is not set for rewatch/rebroadcast. You know, like going to an actual show. 😉

Now, on to the notes:

RIDE the band (Twitter)

First 3 EPs:
Smile compilationRide & Play

Nowhere – 1990
Going Blank Again – 1992
Carnival of Light – 1994
Tarantula – 1996

Post – Reformation:
Weather Diaries – 2017
This Is Not A Safe Place – 2019


DJ ChaseRe-Constriction Records

ConsolidatedThe Myth of Rock

Happy Mondays
Stone Roses

R.E.M. – Murmur
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

Poetry in lyrics:
Paul Westerberg
Billy Bragg (Twitter)

My Bloody Valentine

Post rock:
Sky Flying By
Explosions in the Sky

Teenage Fanclub
Slowdive – Neil Halsted vocals

Stewart Copeland – Playing drums with space

Studio West in San Diego

10:27 – Seagull
16:31 – Kaleidoscope
20:14 – In A Different Place
23:13 – Polar Bear
30:57 – Dreams Burn Down
35:41 – Decay
40:02 – Paralyzed
41:51 – Vapour Trail
44:32 – Taste
47:01 – Today
48:50 – Here And Now
50:34 – Unfamiliar
51.32 – Sennen
53:19 – Beneath

Your Older Brother’s podcast – Episode 1 – RIDE – Nowhere

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